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Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant Floor Heating

Your Radiant Floor Heating Experts

We are your experts on radiant floor heating systems.   

Our Pros can repair or install a radiant floor heating system on any indoor surface.  

Our service pros have 35+ years experience servicing edmonton residential and commercial radiant floor systems.  We also offer free estimates.

Boilers & Hydronic Heating

If you are looking for service on your boiler(s) or other hydronic heating components, please click on one of the following buttons for our service details.

Radiant Floor Heating Services

RBA Mechanical has the radiant floor heating services to meet your needs

Including repairs, leak detection, replacements and new installations.  We offer free onsite estimates for all our radiant floor heating services.


hydronic heating systems

Our pros maintain floor heating systems.  This includes preventative maintenance services on the boiler, floor heating controls, and the hydronic heating components.

Click here to learn more about our hydronic heating services.



Floor Heating Zone Controls

When it comes to floor heating repairs, our pros are second to none.  

Our floor heating repairs include manifold issues, zone valve failures, and tubing ruptures.

Besides repairs, we offer consultation services, testing, and troubleshooting services.

Need help with your hydronic heating system?

Shop online or request a quote for maintenance, repairs, or troubleshooting services

Floor Heating Upgrades

When it comes to floor heating systems, our experts can provide many kinds of upgrades to increase the value, comfort and efficiency of your existing system.

Our upgrade options include:

* adding high efficient heat transfer plates to underfloor heating tubes.

* adding insulation for underfloor heating installations.

* upgrading the floor heating controls, including the main controls, zone controls, and thermostats.

* upgrading your boiler. 

* adding floor heating to additional spaces.

Contact our pros for a free estimate or an onsite consultation.



Floor Heating Tube Needs Replacing

Do you have floor heating tubing that is starting to fail or does not heat properly? 

Call on our experts for your free estimate to replace your floor heating tubing.

We can replace underfloor tubing, or add tubing over top of existing floors.



New Installations of Floor Heating Systems

Todays floor heating systems are meant to last with the building structure.  We use high quality floor heating tubing and installation methods that are proven and sound.

Our pros use heat transfer plates for underfloor heating systems for optimum efficiency. 

We can upgrade any installation to include additional insulation to improve comfort and energy savings that are unparalled.

Types of installations we offer include, underfloor heating, above floor, and in-slab heating.

Looking for a floor heating installation?

Shop online or request a quote on a floor heating installation

Some Radiant Floor Heating Projects

2019 – Replaced old Entran tubing in this radiant heated duplex

A Hybrid HVAC System – Floor heating, boilers, snow melt and more.

Our Project Archives: New floor heating installations

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