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The Hydronic Heat Transfer Fluid

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Hydronic Heat Transfer Fluid

The Backbone of Hydronic Heating Systems

We are your heating expert for hydronic heat transfer fluid for residential and commercial hydronic heating systems.

The hydronic heat transfer fluid is the backbone of the hydronic heating system.

The hydronic heat transfer fluid is the fluid that flows in your hydronic hot water heating system. It is generally the most neglected component in the system and yet, it is responsible for transferring the heat throughout the system to heat your home or building. It operates the same as the blood in your body.

Our service pros have 35+ years experience servicing edmonton residential and hydronic heating systems.  We also offer free estimates.

Hydronic Heat Transfer Fluid Services



Heat Transfer Fluid

If your hydronic heating system contains water, we test the fluid annualy.  We add treatments to ensure your fluid is corrossion free and no bacteria growth has developed.


If your system already contains freeze protection glycol, we test the fluid annualy.  We make sure the strength of the freeze protection is maintained and  ensure it remains corrossion free and in good health.


We provide annual lab analysis to check the condition of the fluid.  


Side Stream Filter

We install side stream filters for hydronic heating systems to filter out sediment and corrosion particles.

Our pros use these special filters to make sure sediment and particles do not flow through your system causing damages to other components.  The filters trap the particles, so only cleaner fluid continues through the hydronic heating system.

Cleaning / Disinfecting

Heat Transfer Fluid

The heat transfer fluid is the most overlooked component in the hydronic heating system.

Yet, it is the backbone of the system.  


The system fluid can get infected with corrosion or bacteria.  It can also turn acidic.


Our pros are experts at cleaning and disinfecting hydronic heating sytems.   We test the fluid to see it’s condition, then determine the best course of action.


Our services include testing, flushing, disinfecting, and filtering.  We also offer free onsite estimates.

Freeze Protection

Heat Transfer Glycol

We offer free estimates to add freeze protection glycol to your home or building. We can add freeze protection to any hydronic heating system including indoor spaces and outdoor spaces such as snow melt systems.


Freeze protection prevents your heating pipes from freezing and rupturing which causes very costly repairs or insurance claims. We inject heat transfer glycol into your home or building which is circulated throughout your hydronic heating system.


Our pros size your home or building piping system to determine the correct amount of glycol needed.  We test the fluid to ensure the required freeze protection is met.

View our post “Why Use Glycol For Heating Systems” to learn more.

RBA Mechanical has the hydronic heat transfer fluid services to meet your needs

Including repairs, leak detection, replacements, new installations, and freeze protection.  We offer free onsite estimates for all our hydronic heating services.  Contact us for consultation or free estimate.

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