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Domestic Hot Water – Series 1

Domestic Hot Water » Domestic Hot Water – Series 1

All About Water Heaters

water heater confusion

20 Years Ago… A water heater was simply a means to get hot water to your taps. The cost for a new water heater, installed, was only $350.00.

Today, a water heater means so much more.

  • we want safer water heaters
  • we want hot water faster to our taps
  • we use far more hot water then ever before
  • and we don’t want to pay a fortune running the water heater

The cost for a new standard water heater, installed, can run about $2200.00. Hi effecient, even more.

This is the 1st part in our Domestic Hot Water series, where we discuss brand differences and the types of water heaters that are available today.

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