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The Duplex – Floor Heating Renovation

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Edmonton, Alberta

floor heating

We completed a full radiant floor heating renovation, including new ramp snow & ice melt system for both units of this duplex. Both duplexes had identical systems:

  • Entran rubber tubing for main floor and 2nd floor under floor radiant heating
  • Driveway ramp snow & ice melt system

At this point, the Entran tubing was failing, and the ramp snow & ice melt was taking so long to melt snow.  And they both had areas of the home where the floors were always cold.  

The work was intense, and of course, this was done during the first wave of the Covid 19 Pandemic.

The scope involved removing the old Entran rubber tube that had finally cracked in many places and was failing fast.  It just so happended that the homeowners were forced to stay home during the start of the pandemic when the leaks starting appearing.   They would normally be away for a few months during this time.


To start, we had to remove all that old entran tubing.  There were so many “traps” that we couldn’t drain all the glycol from the tubes at once.

Since both homeowners of this duplex decided to complete the renovations, and redo the ramp snow & ice melt system, they decided to add floor heating to the basement and the garage floors as well.

  • We installed new staple up floor heating for the main floor and the 2nd floor with heat transfer plates
  • We installed new floor heating to the basement using uponor’s quick track panels
  • We installed new floor heating in the garage
  • We installed new snow & ice melt for the ramps
  • We installed double bubble foil insulation in the floor joists for added efficiency


    In addition to the new tubing installation, we also upgraded the mechanical system, including new boiler and controls.

    On the Job!

    We’re very happy! Our energy costs dropped 34% and I can melt snow in 1 to 2 hours instead of 3 days.

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