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Why Use RBA Mechanical

Why Use RBA Mechanical

Discover more about what we offer besides just repairs and installations.

Why Call RBA Mechanical

What To Know About RBA Mechanical

Get peace of mind knowing you have called on the right people for your plumbing & hvac needs.

RBA Mechanical has been in business for 25 years

We have spent 25 years, providing our clients with premium 5 star plumbing & hvac services in Edmonton and Sherwood Park. 

RBA Mechanical has offered online shopping for 22 years

We have also offered online shopping for 22 years. We have shipped product all over Canada, the US and Internationaly.

RBA Mechanical has an excellent Customer Loyalty Program

Our customer loyalty program is absolutely free. At RBA Mechanical, our motto is simple “the more you call, the more you save”.

Some great perks include customer only discounts and bonuses, free phone tech support, no overtime charges, and much more. Visit our VIP Benefits Club now to learn more.

We guarantee our work for 90 days

We are fully confident with our experienced and highly skilled technicians, so we guarantee our work for 90 days.

We provide free consultations with every service

Whether we are doing a repair or routine maintenance on your existing hvac system, we provide you with free consultations with every service we perform for you. This means while we are still onsite, you can ask advice on upgrading your hvac system, or get details about new available options.

Only RBA Mechanical includes a free protective wax coating on your equipment

A good wax coating on your equipment prevents spills or water from accumulating on the metal jackets, which can cause the metal jackets to rust or burn holes in the metal. And besides, after a good maintenance service on your A/C, furnace or boiler, a nice coat of wax really makes the equipment sparkle. Clean equipment always performs at it’s best.

Protective wax coating is a free complimentary service offered by RBA Mechanical.

We offer many discounts

Your Discounts may include up to 10% off when purchases are made through our online store, customer referral discounts, customer loyalty discounts and more.

We provide free training on all new installations

After we have completed your equipment installation, we spend the extra time with you to show you around and provide you with the training on your new equiment. Including how to use your new equipment with some quick tips.

We provide “After Sale” service

Yes we service what we sell. Any product or brand we sell you, we provide you with the after sale service. Whether you need warranty, repairs, or just preventative maintenance, we look after your equipment after your purchase.


We accept all major credit cards including G pay & Apple Pay

When you pay online, you can pay by any major credit card. 

You can also pay by G Pay or Apple Pay with any device that supports it. 

We accept online banking pay options

Effective June 1, 2022 you can now pay for your orders, quotes and invoices using your bank’s Bill Pay option. Log in to your banking account and pay for your order through your online banking by using your Telephone, Online, or ATM bill pay options.

RBA Mechanical is a registered PAYEE, at these banking institutions

* Central 1 (most credit union banks)
* Scotiabank

Other ways to pay through your online banking include E-Transfer and EFT / Direct Deposit

Learn more about our payment options

We offered compassion pricing from June 2021 to June 2022

Through 2021, RBA Mechanical provided compassion pricing for all our services and installations. We continued to offer our compassion pricing through to  June 30, 2022.

We offered lower rates, and loads of discounts to cover most client needs.

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