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What is an Indirect Fired Tank?

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Works With Your Existing Boiler

An indirect-fired water heater is a high quality, thermally efficient storage tank that has an internal heat exchanger which heats water in the tank from the hot water circulating from your boiler.

The tank does not have a burner or flue stack, and operates at the same efficiency as the boiler heating it. There is no additional energy consumed when you use an indirect fired tank for your domestic hot water.

With no flue pipe, heat loss is considerably lower than a standard water heater, and the system fires up much less often. Compared to traditional gas or electric water heaters, hot water supply from an indirect fired water heater is significantly greater.

So, what makes indirect fired water heaters such a great option for homes heated by hydronic systems?

For starters, with the new tank setup as a priority, recovery rates are typically up to five times faster than conventional water heaters – in some cases, customers report virtually limitless hot water. The combination of the highly efficient heat exchanger and storage tank powered by the whole-house boiler is a hard one to beat!


  • Plenty of domestic hot water supply
  • Great hot water recovery rates
  • Domestic hot water at the same efficiency as your central boiler
  • Minimal standby heat loss compared to conventional water heaters
  • Longer equipment life compared to standard heaters
  • Superior warranties from highly reputable manufacturers

Indirect-fired water heaters are a great alternative for homes heated by a hot water boiler that have a standard water heater. As a replacement for a standard water heater, indirect-fired water heaters afford a number of valuable benefits that our customers appreciate.

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