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Contractor Brands Vs Retail Brands

The Major Differences Between Brands

So… When it’s time to replace that old water heater, do you know where to go? Most people tend to choose based on cost, and type (gas, electric, propane). But where you get your water heater is equally important.

Because we are plumbing contractors, we are biased, but we won’t appologize for that. We are biased for reason.

Basically, here are the major differences between Retail brands and our Contractor brands.

Retail brands are a thinner tank. Whereas Contractor brands are a different type of water heater.  They contain 5-10 Lb more steel.

Why does that matter?

Because the only thing that prevents those 40 or 50 (or even 70!) gallons of water from leaking out into your home or building, is the quality and thickness of the steel tank. 

And a thicker tank means better efficiency and a longer lasting water heater.

Retail brands don't usually have a strong enough lining to protect the tank from the corrossive effects of our hot water. Whereas Contractor brands typically have a good strong lining to allow the water heater to last longer.

The material in the lining of Contrator brands are usually ceramic with a brass drain valve, Retail brands generally have a glass lining. The drain valves are typically plastic.

Warranty, Service or Repairs

The biggest difference is when it comes to warranty, service, or repairs.

When you purchase your water heater direct from your local plumbing contractor, they can service your water heater and can get the parts. For the most part, your plumbing contractor can be there to help you the same day, or next day.

The retail outlet does not have parts and they do not service what they sell. You have to go through the Manufacturer, who then tells you to contact a plumbing contractor. This can take days or weeks to process.

* Contractor brands only have about a 1% or less defective rate out of 100 tanks.
* Retail brands can have 5% or more defective rate out of 100 (thats 5+ tanks defective, out of 100 tanks).

The person at the retail outlet who sells you your water heater is usually only the salesperson. They don’t usually have any plumbing training or experience with the installation of water heaters. They don’t know what safety concerns there may be, or what Code Regulations need to be followed. When the installer gets to your home, you may find yourself with extra costs to complete the work.

On the other hand, they may send a certified contractor to your home for the “onsite estimate”, but now you are working with a 3rd party. That contractor works for the retail outlet, not for you.

So. Where will you go to get your next water heater?

When you purchase your new water heater through a local plumbing contrator, like RBA Mechanical, you get the Contractor brands that are proven, and the contractor works for YOU.

Plumbing Contractors have the parts, if service is required, and we can help you usually the same day, or the next day.

We know what safetys need to be followed, we know what code regulations are needed, and we install your new water heater professionally.

You can purchase a 40 u.s gal water heater installation through our online store. Click the following button to view now.

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