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Backflow Testing Services

We test and service all sizes and models of backflow devices.

Backflow Testing Services

When you need backflow testing services, call RBA Mechanical first.

We are a Certified Backflow Tester for Edmonton and surrounding areas, include Sherwood Park.

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Backflow Testing Services

RBA Mechanical is your local backflow tester for all models and sizes of backflow preventors from minor hazard to high hazard applications.  

We test devices for all applications including the water service, fire lines, irrigation, water makeup, and much more.

We test all models of devices including Ames, Apollo Valves, Conbraco and Watts, and more.

We test & certify devices for residential, commmercial, institutes and industrial enviornments.

We test 1/2″ to 12″ device sizes

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Backflow Repairs

backflow prevention testing

Our experts have the experience with all sizes and models of backflow prevention devices, and therefore, can easly diagnose and repair backflow preventers.

Our testing service includes a free quote for any required repairs.

Have a device that is leaking or in need of repair? Contact us 1st!

In some cases, the required repairs can be diagnosed without a test, or we can diagnose from a test report completed by others.

However, in most cases, we can diagnose a repair more accurately when we can do a backflow test on the device.

Need repairs to your backflow preventer?

Order or request a quote for backflow device repairs on any size or application of backflow preventer

Backflow Preventer Installations

backflow installation

Installations for all applications

This includes medical, water services, fire protection, and many more locations.

RBA Mechanical offers backflow installations for all applications and sizes of Backflow prevention devices.

As a matter of fact, RBA Mechanical has been installing backflow prevention devices in hospitals, facilities, shops, rec centers and dental offices for 25 years.

Not to mention our backflow tester has been testing & repairing  backflow devices for over 37 years in buildings and facilities.

Check out this backflow brochure from Epcor

Need a Backflow Preventer?

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Backflow Prevention is the Law

To comply with Canadian Standards Association, the City of Edmonton Bylaw #17698, Epcor’s Cross Connection Control, and the Canadian Water & Wastewater Association,  property owners must do the following to prevent backflow:  

  • Remove any unnecessary cross connections and isolate your water system from the public’s.

  • Protect cross connections that can’t be eliminated with an approved backflow prevention device or assembly.

  • Ensure that all testable backflow preventers are tested annually by a certified tester, and all non testable devices are visually inspected.

Canadian Standards Association

City of Edmonton Bylaw #17698

Epcor’s Cross Connection Control

Backflow Services FAQ

Why do I need a backflow preventer?

When there are connections between the water supply and sources of contamination, the fluid can reverse flow. This can cause the contaminated fluid to flow back into our potable water supply. It can be dangerous and potentially deadly. Backflow preventers prevent this from happening.

Where do I need backflow preventers?

For all commercial, industrial and insititutes, a backflow preventer is required on all water services for the building (installed after your water meter). This is to prevent any possible contaminated fluid from backflowing back into the potable water supply. Backflow preventers are also required for irrigation, fire systems, and water make-up systems. Basically everywhere where contaminated fluid can flow back into the water supply.

How often do backflow preventers need to be tested?

Because of the nature of what a backflow preventer does, backflow preventers need to be tested annualy to be sure they are working and working correctly. In extreme high hazzard conditions, backflow preventers may need to be tested twice a year.

What happens if a backflow preventer fails testing?

If a backflow preventer fails testing, it means it is no longer working correctly. At RBA Mechahical, we have the decades of expertise and diagnostic skills to troubleshoot any device failure. We troubleshoot the test results to determine the repairs required. Some devices will need replacement, but most can simply be repaired.

Can anyone repair a backflow preventer?

It is not recommended to repair a failed backflow preventer unless you are certified for backflow repairs. There are many delicate and moving parts inside the backflow preventer, and it is essential that only skilled technicians complete the required repairs.

Do backflow preventers need maintenance?

As a rule, backflow preventers do not require maintenance. However, they do require annual testing. Failed tests will require repairs or replacement.

Does a repaired or replaced backflow preventer need testing?

Yes! All repaired devices, or devices that have been replaced, must be tested to ensure the devices are working correctly before they are set into service.

Is it necessary to test a brand new backflow preventer?

Absolutely! Backflow preventers can fail right out of the box. Brand new devices can fail testing if they were not installed correctly, dropped or banged during shipping, or if the devices were subject to freezing temperatures. Always have your new devices tested before they are set into service.

Does RBA Mechanical test my backflow preventer?

We test all device models and sizes of “testable” backflow preventers from 1/2″ to 12″ sizes installed in all applications including industrial.

Can RBA Mechanical repair my backflow preventer?

We are a certified repair specialist who can repair all device models and sizes of backflow preventers from 1/2″ to 12″.

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