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Alma’s HVAC Systems

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Hybrid Residential HVAC System

Edmonton, AB
2011 to 2022

snow melt

Over the years, we have worked with Alma and her family to ensure their home heats and cools comfortably, as well as helped them with their many upgrades & conveniences.  

Our services have included:

  • Maintenance every 2 months to this day
  • Handyman & plumbing services
  • Snow & ice melt installation
  • Floor heating installation
  • Air conditioning installation
  • Remote access to thermostats
  • Furnace installation
  • Boiler replacement


Snow & Ice Melt Installation

Back Patio and Sidewalk

heating & air conditioning systems

This was a big addition. 

We installed hydronic tubing over top of existing concrtete for snow melt on the back patio as well as the walk path towards the solarium and pool.  We even added tubing to the lower floor of the solarium to provide them with an additional heated space in the winter.


Floor Heating & Air Conditioning

All Weather Solarium

heating & air conditioning systems

Here, we installed a full floor heating system with air conditioning in the all weather solarium.

We also installed an exhaust system for their indoor stove in the solarium.


HVAC Installations

Upgrade to Home Heating

residential hvac system

We installed a new furnace heating system to work with the existing floor heating.  Including in-duct ultra violet lamps and electronic air cleaners.

We also upgraded the boiler to a new high efficient NTI boiler.

The furnace system was installed to work as supplimental heat as well as backup if the boiler system went down.

Thank you for the new furnaces. I was totally fed up with the old boiler and fan coils always going down. They work great.

Redlink Internet Gateway Installation with Total Connect Comfort

honeywell redlink

A hybrid system like this requires a high end control system.

We chose the Redlink Internet Gateway Installation with Total Connect Comfort

We installed new honeywell thermostats and modules, complete with the honeywell redlink gateway.

The client has 8 zones that are all operated remotely.


Our General Service Area:
Edmonton, Sherwood Park

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