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Customer Loyalty Program

Customer Loyalty Program

We offer a free customer loyalty program called VIP Benefits Club. Depending on how often and how long you use our services, you will receive free perks and bonuses, including 24/7 Emergency Service. Please check your invoice to see where you stand on our VIP Benefits Club.

VIP Benefits Club FAQ

VIP Benefits Club Levels

All New Clients

  • Standard Appointment Bookings
  • 24/7 Emergency Service Access
  • Customer Referral – Give $5, Get $5

After 5 Purchases

  • Standard Appointment Bookings
  • 24/7 Emergency Service Access
  • Customer Referral – Give $10, Get $10
  • Customer Only Discounts & Bonuses
  • Free Phone Tech Support During Regular Hours
Gold VIP Level

Customer for 3 Years

With 2 or more purchases per year

  • Priority Appointment Bookings
  • 24/7 Emergency Service Priority Access
  • Customer Referral – Give $20, Get $20
  • Customer Only Discounts & Bonuses
  • Free Phone Tech Support During Reg Hours
  • A Lower Labour Rate
  • No Over Time Charged on Saturdays

Customer for 5 Years

With 2 or more purchases per year

  • Priority Appointment Bookings
  • 24/7 Emergency Service Priority Access
  • Customer Referral – Give $35, Get $35
  • Customer Only Discounts & Bonuses
  • Free Phone Tech Support
  • No Over Time Charged on Saturdays
  • No Over Time Charged Mon-Fri till 6pm
  • Free Onsite Consultations

Customer for 10 Years

With 2 or more purchases per year

  • All the benefits of TITANIUM level
  • Customer Referral – Give $50, Get $50


  • No Over Time Charged on Sundays, reg hours
  • No Double Charges on Stat Holidays
  • Free 24 Hour Emergency Tech Support
  • Lower Rates

Want A FREE Platinum Level Subscription?

Why Subscribe to Platinum?

Save Money

PRIORITY appointment bookings
PRIORITY 24/7 emergency service access
NO OVER TIME charged on Saturdays, during regular hours

Your Saturday appointments alone can pay off your annual subscription with only 10 hours of service!

Are you a new client? Or have SILVER or GOLD VIP status?
Sign up for our newsletters and get a FREE 1 year subscription to PLANTINUM VIP level

FREE 1 year subscription

Sign up for our email list and stay informed about the world of RBA Mechanical, including exclusive product sales and offers, early access to limited-time services and bonuses, the latest news and posts, a host of service perks, and if you are silver or gold members, you get a FREE 1 year subscription to our PLATINUM VIP Level!

VIP Benefits Club FAQ

About Your Benefits

Appointments: Scheduled and booked appointments are based on your level. The higher your level, the more priority your bookings. Silver and Gold level bookings are added to the general booking cue.

Emergency Services: All clients have access to our 24/7 emergency service. Your emergency bookings will receive more priority if you are on a higher level. Bookings on Silver and Gold levels will appear on the general emergency queue.

Customer Referrals: Refer someone you know, and when they make a purchase, you will both receive the same value listed in your VIP level.

Beginning at the Platinum level, we provide our customers with bonuses and discounts that are exclusive to them. Additionally, they can access free phone technical support during regular business hours (Monday-Friday 9:00 am – 4:00 pm). Receive a lower labour rate, and lastly, there is no overtime charge on Saturdays between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm; any charges incurred before 10:00 am and after 3:00 pm remain in effect.

For Titanium and Neon plus levels, over time rate is not charged Mon-Fri until 6:00 pm. Plus receive free onsite consultations to discuss concerns, new options, answer questions, or just to chit chat.

A neon plus customer loyalty level offers premium benefits to our customers. Overtime is not charged on Sundays between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM. (Overtime charges apply before 10:00 AM and after 3:00 PM.) NEON PLUS members get lower rates and no double charges on Statutory Holidays (Regular overtime charges still apply). You get free tech support by phone or text after hours.

RBA Mechanical offers a totally free customer loyalty program, the VIP Benefits Club. All you have to do is make your first purchase and you’re automatically enrolled in our program. We use it to express our gratitude for using our services! Depending on your loyalty level, different bonus features will become available- no matter if you are residential, commercial, an institute or industrial client. This makes the VIP Benefits Club perfect for everyone.

Invoices are used to show your VIP Benefits Club level based on how many purchases you make per year and how long you call for service. Your VIP level status is also listed in our customer database, so our technicians and staff always know where you stand.

As soon as you make your first purchase with RBA Mechanical, you are automatically enrolled in the Silver level.

Gold Level: The Gold level is earned after you have made five purchases with RBA Mechanical. You remain in Gold status for as long as you continue to make at least one purchase per year. This can be a repair service, preventative maintenance service, installation, or product purchase. After two years of not making a purchase with RBA Mechanical, you are reverted to Silver status.

Platinum Level: You’re eligible for Platinum level after three years of making 2+ purchases a year from RBA Mechanical, whether it be repair services, maintenance visits, installations or product purchases. If you haven’t bought 2+ times in a two-year period, you will drop to the Gold level. If you’ve obtained a Platinum membership, your status is secure for one year. Likewise if you subscribed to our email newsletters – your Platinum level will stay for another year from the date of signing up. Subsequent to that, you’ll be reverted to Gold level.

Titanium Level: You advance to Titanium level when you have made a minimum of 2 purchases per year from RBA Mechanical, for 5 years. The purchases can include repair services, maintenance visits, installations, or product purchases. You will be reverted to Platinum after two years of not making two purchases a year.

Neon Plus Level: In order to advance to Neon Plus, you need to make a minimum of two purchases per year from RBA Mechanical for at least 10 years. To maintain Neon Plus status, you must make a minimum of two purchases per year. In the event that you have not made a purchase within two years, you are reverted to Titanium status. In the event that you do not make a purchase within three years, you are revereted to Platinum status.

The VIP Benefits Club is a customer loyalty program, and we show our appreciation to devoted patrons by offering free services with every frequent and lengthy use. The Platinum level can be accessed for $29.99 per month, payable annually; Platinum status lasts for 1 year, after which continued participation is required to remain at that level, otherwise Silver or Gold will apply according to prior purchases. An additional option is also available: a 1 year free membership of Platinum level upon sign up for our newsletters.

To get maximum benefits from the VIP Benefits Club, you must remain a loyal customer. This means remaining up-to-date with invoice payments and continuing to purchase product or services from RBA Mechanical. As long as you keep your account current and keep ordering, you will continue to reap the rewards of being a valued, loyal customer.

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