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How Much Does a Furnace Replacement Cost

How much does a furnace replacement cost

Furnace Replacement Cost - The Furnace

A furnace replacement cost depends on many factors and questions. It also depends on the current safety codes and requirements.

Lets see if we can help you pin point an average cost that you can work with.

The first cost is the furnace.

Today, we only go with high efficient furnaces with 95% or higher efficiency rating.

Available furnace options may include, single stage heating, 2 stage heating, variable speed. We’ll discuss these more in another post, on another day. But basically 2 stage and variable speed furnaces are a higher level of energy efficiency.

Determine the brand of furnace you want. Here, at RBA Mechanical, we prefer the Payne brand of furnaces. They are made by Carrier, they are quite, efficient, and most importantly, they are affordable.

For the sake of argument, we are going to use the Payne brand of furnace for the furnace replacement cost. But keep in mind that the furnace cost of more popular brands like Carrier, Lennox, etc, will be quite a bit more.

Payne 2-stage variable speed – $2800.00

Furnace Replacement Cost - The Venting

The next major cost that must be considered is how the new furnace can be vented. This is determined by your furnace installer, and can vary considerably.

For old furnaces, the water heater venting must also be altered in order to provide safe venting for the furnace and the water heater. Water heaters are vented up the chimney, so depending on your chimney, you may need a chimney liner. Not to mention, you also need the rain cap kit, etc. All these are factors that the furnace installer will determine.

For this excercise, we’re pricing an average cost of $1,500.00

Furnace Replacement Cost - The Accessories

Since you are replacing your furnace, this is the time to determine your accessories.

Some accessories are a saftety code and health requirement. These include, a filter system and a humidifier.

Other accessories are optional, but do provide a higher level of comfort. These include electronic air cleaners, hepa filters, ultra violet lamps.

One item to note here, is an air condtioner system. If you are wanting to proceed with an air conditioner, this is the best time to do so. Most companys provide packaged discounts for doing both your furnace and AC at the same time.

Humidifier with filter rack – $600.00 installed

Electronic air cleaner – $1600.00 installed

In-duct UV lamp – $1,200.00 installed

Installation Cost

The rates for individual contractors can vary, but installations can run from 1 to 6 days, depending on the complexity of your install.

For the sake of this sample, we’re going with the furnace, humidifer, filter rack, electronic air cleaner and the UV lamp. We’ll average this out to 3 days for the complete installation.

Furnace – $2800.00
Venting – $1,500.00
Humidifier & filter rack – $600.00
Electronic air cleaner – $1600.00
UV lamp – $1,200.00

Installation – the installation cost is not only the labour cost for the employees or the days required, but also all those small consumable materials that are needed to complete the work. Such consumables may include  cutters, screws, saw blades, hangers & supports, etc.  The installation cost is based on the individual company, and their cost for consumables.

Your total furnace replacement cost – $7,700.0 + the cost for installation

Don’t forget other installation factors that may alter your pricing. Such issues may include concrete coring, if the venting must go through the concrete portion of your structure. Other considerations, are accessability, the timing of the install and the current weather.


All prices listed are average costs only, and does not in any way constitute a price quote. Prices may change based on current material costs, individual labour costs, and installation parimeters.

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