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7 Things to Consider for an Efficient HVAC System

7 things to consider

When choosing HVAC equipment, consider these 7 things for an efficient hvac system. From heating to humidity control, it’s not always about “Brand”.

HVAC simply means Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. Sometimes it contains an R, as in HVAC&R. R being Refrigeration.

There are many types of equipment that constitute HVAC. They include furnaces, boilers, rooftop units and air conditioning systems. As well as humidifiers, de-humidifiers, ultra-violet lamps, air filters, air handlers and system controls.

Manufacturers develop new equipment every year in the continued pursuit to achieve higher levels of operating efficiency. With higher AC SEER ratings (that’s Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios) to higher AFU’s (that’s Annual Fuel Utilization) for fossil fuel burning equipment.

The higher the AC SEER rating, the more efficient the AC equipment becomes. The higher the AFU, the more efficient fossil fuel burning equipment becomes. If one was to consider an effective and affordable HVAC system, two-stage and modulating equipment comes to mind.

An effective and efficient HVAC system should include the following 7 considerations:

1 – The Furnace / Boiler

The forced air furnace should achieve a high AFU rating, typicaly an operating efficiency in the 96% range or higher. This means that the products of combustion from burning natural gas fuels only losses about 4% energy. The 96% is actually utilized in heating your home. A 2-stage or modulating furnace or boiler would achieve greater efficiency as well.

2 – The Air Conditioner

If coupling an AC system, the equipment of choice would include a high SEER rating such as 16 SEER or higher. Two-stage cooling systems are affordable and efficient. Running on a low or first stage cooling cycle during lower levels of heat gain, then automatically switching to high stage cooling during hotter climate conditions.

3 – Air Filtration / HRV / Air Handler

An efficient air filtration system should be considered when choosing replacement equipment. There are many types of air filters on the market. Air filters with a high MERV rating (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value of a given air filter media) should be selected. It only stands to reason that a high MERV air filter should be used. They provide greater air filtration and can retain higher levels of dust, dirt, pollen and allergens.

4 – Electronic Air Cleaner

An EAC (Electronic Air Cleaner) is also a great consideration. They replace the existing air filter rack and allow for the best air flow through your furnace and ducted systems. Couple that with an ultraviolet light, they work in concert to continuously improve any indoor air quality environment.

5 – Ultra Violet Lamp

An ultra-violet lamp is a great and affordable addition to any HVAC system, ultra-violet lamps are installed in the furnace duct work system. They kill 99.9% of allergens, dust, mould, pollen and viruses that lead to poor health, colds and flu’s.

6 – Humidification

One of the most over looked hvac components is a good high quality humidifier. Proper humidity control can prevent poor breathing, dry & itchy skin, and an overall healthy environment. Selection of a high efficient humidification system will ensure high indoor air quality when coupled with the previously mentioned equipment.

7 – Thermostat & Controls

Consideration of a top quality thermostat and control system is the backbone of your hvac system.
Controls should be selected and installed to properly control your HVAC equipment, and to provide a high degree of accuracy. There’s nothing worse than a thermostat that is inaccurate, cycles equipment too often, or doesn’t provide essential equipment integration.

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