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Indoor Air Quality Tips

Indoor Air Quality begins with your HVAC Equipment

air quality tips

– Indoor air quality is the health of the air in your living or working space. This is your furnace, vents, air conditioner, ventilator, baseboards, boiler, exhaust system, humidifier, makeup air unit and can include the water quality.

Bad indoor air, causes all sorts of unhealthy issues such as illness, poor energy, asthma, headaches, and drowsiness just to name a few. When you’re water quality is poor, this poor quality water is ditributed through the air through water fountains and humidifiers.

12 Air Quality Tips

These tips are for all sizes of HVAC equipment from residential homes to commercial shops & buildings.

1. Spring Cleaning Refreshes

Never under estimate a good old fashioned spring cleaning to improve your indoor air quality.

2. Air Conditioners Cool & Sooth

Air conditioners don’t just cool a space. They “condition” the air. Air conditioners off cooling, but they also lower humidity and make the air more comfortable and soothing. Click here to learn how to get your own air conditioner installation for less.

If you already have an air conditioner, then keeping up with repairs and good maintenance will improve your indoor air quality. Click here to learn more here.

3. Water Filters Give Clean Water

A simple water filter improves taste and maintenance on your plumbing fixtures and equipment. They improve taste, and removes sediment and contaminates from your water. This not only helps with your water quality but also improves the quality of humidity from your humidifier and fountains.

We have water filters available through our online store. Click here to view.

4. Clean or Replace Air Filters Often

Dirty or plugged air and humidifier filters are the number 1 leading cause of poor indoor air quality. When air or humidifier filters get plugged, the air or water cannot pass through them effectively, and equipment does not work properly. The air or water that does get through the dirty or plugged filter is full of dust, dust mites, dirt, and all sorts of contamination. This contaminated air or water vapour gets circulated within your home, and this is what you end up breathing.

Not all filters are created equal. Some filters can only remove main dust or particles from the air. Other filters can remove fine contaminants.

Need new filters? We supply premium filters that remove both the dust and dirt, as well as the fine contaminates. Charcoal air filters are also available to rid odours.

5. Integrate HVAC Equipment

Poor equipment setup and integration actually causes what is a called a “sick home”. This is a syndrome when various equipment works against each other, and the home itself has extremely poor air quality and is unhealthy to live in.

Make sure that all your HVAC equipment are integrated correctly. This includes your heating, cooling, exhaust, and humidity systems, just to name a few.

6. Maintain HVAC Equipment

Dirty equipment does not work properly and can cause damage, and the contamination gets into the air you breathe. This may include plugged coils, rusty vents, dirty boilers and heat exchangers, dirty furnaces, plugged air conditioners.

Always perform a good proper maintenance & cleaning service on your hvac equipment. Depending on your usage, this can be once per year, or semi-annually.

7. Manage Humidity

Humidity can be tough to control. But with the correct controls you can manage the amount of humidity that forms in your space.
** Too much humidity breads mold and mildew. Can be sticky and muggy feeling.
** Too little humidity feels dry making it difficult to breath comfortably, and it drys your skin giving way to that scratchy itchy feeling. Dry air can also cause issues with your flooring and furniture.

Install a good humidifier. We offer humidifer installations in our online store. Click here to view.

If you have too much humidity (with no humidifier installed), then you need either an air conditioning unit, or a de-humidifier. Both units de-humidify the air making it far more comfortable to live and work in.

We have a good high quality dehumidifier listed in our online store. Check it out here.

8. Insulate Hot Pipes

Insulating hot pipes prevents overheating, and can save dramatically on cooling costs.

9. Repair Equipment

Equipment that does not work properly is costly to operate and plays havoc with your indoor air quality.

10. Replace Old & Obsolete Equipment

When HVAC equipment gets too old, it no longer can perform to current health standards. Old equipment is inefficient to operate and can bread contamination in your air.

11. Install Ultra Violet Lamps

UV lamps inside your duct work kills viruses and cleans your air. Click here for details.

12. Manage Smoky Outdoor Air

When the outside air is smoky, various HVAC equipment brings that air indoors. To improve your indoor air quality, turn off your makeup air and ventilation systems. When the outdoor air is no longer poor, turn the systems back on.

Visit our store for Indoor Air Quality services

Need help? No worries, contact us today for help with any of your HVAC equipment or filter needs.

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