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Various Customers – Hydronic Heating

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portfolio archives

We opened up our archives to bring you a list of customers we worked with in past years.

These were some awesome and unique installations.

Some of these clients, we still work with today!



equipment freeze protection

Flushed out hydronic glycol for the makeup air systems, and installed new heat transfer glycol.

heat transfer glycol installation


hydronic heating

We upgraded the heating controls to new high end Honeywell Redlink system, for 6 hydronic heating zones.



hydronic repairs

We spent a year getting this boiler room back in proper operation.

New controls, all new pipe fitting, and a complete boiler room work-over.

Done in stages, the new boiler system runs at tip top condition.


hydronic repairs

Here, we completed hydronic system repairs and upgrades for the process area.


Fort McMurray, Alberta

hydronic repairs

We repaired the pneumatic system througout the building.

We restored the heating system and repiped the boiler system for improved energy efficiency throughout the school.

When were completed, everything worked beyond expectations!


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